Social Logins and SSO

Restaurant CMMS Maintenance Software Maxpanda allows you to control access to your application using both the OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect specifications. Use Maxpanda as your authorization server to retain all user information and grant user tokens to control their authorization and authentication. Maxpanda supports social logins and external data systems.

Sign-In Widget - The Maxpanda Sign-in Widget provides an embeddable sign-in solution that can easily be embedded into your customized login page. The Sign-in widget carries the same feature set in the standard Maxpanda sign-in page of every user. Included in the widget is support for password reset, forgotten password and incredibly strong authentication – all of which are driven by policies configured in Maxpanda. Developers don’t have to write a single line of code to trigger these functions from within the widget. For consumer-facing sites, social providers are also supported in our widget. Currently, Microsoft Azure Office 365, Google APPS and Facebook are built-in and auto configured for your convenience.

Restaurant CMMS Maintenance Software Auth SDK sign-in using office365 - For those who are building a Javascript front end or Single Page App (SPA), the light-weight, JavaScript-based Maxpanda Auth SDK gives you the added control beyond our sign-in widget to cater to your needs. This Javascript SDK provides all the standard login support including password management and strong authentication. In addition, social providers and OpenID Connect are also supported through the SDK where the appropriate ID tokens are returned for downstream authentication and authorization needs.

Authentication API - The underlying foundation for the Sign-in Widget and Auth SDK is a comprehensive authentication REST API exposed through Maxpanda. It is used as a stand-alone API to provide the identity layer on top of an existing application and authentication logic, or with Maxpanda Sessions API to obtain a Maxpanda session cookie and access APPS within Maxpanda, providing SSO across custom and Maxpanda-managed APPS.