The Ultimate Guide to CMMS

What Exactly is a CMMS?

A CMMS, or Computerized Maintenance Management System, is simply software that is designed with the goal of making the task of maintenance management easier. Largely gone are the days of manually recorded maintenance data reports and invoices, lost tickets and assets, and huge piles of unwieldy paperwork. Although preventative maintenance was not practiced as often exactly because of the cumbersome nature of paperwork, modern CMMS solutions have helped businesses make the change to better preserve their assets. A good CMMS gives its users certainty and simplicity in the world of maintenance management.

How Can CMMS Software Improve Your Business Operations?

Undoubtedly, your company already ditched the paper and pencil method of tracking its maintenance operations. Chances are that your company never even tried that method to begin with. However, perhaps it has been using a mix of other cumbersome methods like spreadsheets, emails, phone calls, and a few manual bits of paper. Sound familiar? Putting a CMMS in place can help your company completely change the way its maintenance management is done. Swap those spreadsheets for efficiency, and exchange the paper files for better organization and freed up time.

Okay, But What Exactly Does a CMMS Do?

the ultimate guide to cmms A good CMMS takes your current company maintenance management system, and streamlines it. It delivers a renewed, efficient strategy that fosters organization and clarity. Its holistic approach to maintenance management means you get to look forward to absolute ease when it comes to related aspects such as:

Managing inventory - As one of the main factors of maintenance management as a whole, inventory management is made easier with a CMMS because a good CMMS allows the maintenance team to see exactly how many items are in storage, how many are in need of repair, how many parts have been used, and when new ones are required for order. From spare parts for machines, to supplies and more, managing inventory helps a company maintain a steady hand on inventory-related costs.

Tracking work orders - Another major factor when it comes to maintenance management is tracking the work orders meant to facilitate the necessary maintenance. After all, what good is a work order that gets lost in the shuffle? A solid CMMS will have your company's maintenance managers able to select equipment experiencing issues, plot out the problem the equipment is having, and assign the appropriate technician to resolve it. Whether it's done through our web site, or our mobile app, the technician will be able to sort the work out and mark the order as complete once it is finished.

Scheduling tasks - A dependable calendar means everything in the world of preventative maintenance. Computerized Maintenance Management Systems help by scheduling reoccurring work, and sending nudges to the people that need to know about them. Such organization also means your company's maintenance team can enjoy an even workload without worrying about any tasks being left behind.

ultimate cmms guide Recording asset history - Most assets have a long shelf life. That is to say, maintenance teams will find themselves needing to take care of some assets that span the decades. With age comes an ever-abundant history of repairs. What used to be a record-keeping nightmare is an easy lookup with a good CMMS. Since completed repairs will be logged into the system, your maintenance crew can easily see which repairs have been done in the past, what the issues were, why they occurred, and how they were fixed. Knowing the history of a machine is especially helpful when working on an older piece of machinery.

Audit and certifications - A CMMS tracks every action put into the system. This means an asset's maintenance history can be easily audited. In addition to being able to confirm that your company's machinery is being well cared for, having such information readily available is advantageous in the event of an accident or insurance claim. Such accessible information can help an inspector verify that the proper maintenance was carried on your machinery. Likewise, you can rely on one place to check for ISO certification information.

What to Look for when purchasing CMMS Software

Customization - What works well for one company isn't always to best fit for another. You should be able to customize your CMMS to fit your exact business requirements. It's no use having and paying for features that you don't need, just as it makes no sense paying for a CMMS that only offers limitations.

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Cost - Budgets are the bane of every business, but being able to stick to one is an indicator of success. Your CMMS should provide what you need without breaking the bank. There are many CMMS pricing programs available for business owners who aren't ready to shell out heaps of money. Some offer monthly payment subscriptions while others require an upfront fee. Go for the one that makes the most sense for your company budget.

Support - As with anything technology-related, having dependable support can make your experience with your new CMMS completely wonderful, or totally awful. A good CMMS should have round-the-clock support available. Things rarely break during regular working hours, and if you need help outside of the 9-5 schedule, make sure your CMMS will provide it. Additionally, some CMMS programs charge for support while others make sure it's included in their plans. Be sure to go with the program that will be most helpful for your employees.

Service terms - While you're searching for your CMMS solution, be sure you know exactly what the service terms are. Some CMMS companies contracts that have severe (costly!) consequences if they are broken, while others don't require a contract at all and are happy to have you simply pay for the services as your company uses them.

User-friendly software - One of the most important features of a CMMS is that it is user-friendly. A difficult interface is counterproductive. It will leave your employees frustrated, your contractors miffed, and your budget shrugging its shoulders at the wasted cost. You want a CMMS that is sensible and intuitive for it users to navigate.

In a nutshell, you will find a lot of CMMS companies as you search for the right one. Weigh the options, look at the features and benefits, consider your company's unique needs and budget, and find the solution that best ticks all the boxes.

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