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The Plant Wellness Way EAM System-of-Reliability

Start turning an operation with a production and maintenance rat race into one with world class operating assets by making just one asset world class reliable, then a second asset, then a third, then add a few COMPLETED Work Orders.

Your company’s maintenance and production performance are set by the systems and processes you use daily and in between shutdowns. Organizations with rat race behaviors have their systems and processes made them work as such. Breaking-out of the production and maintenance rat race needs new processes and software systems implemented that don’t allow rat race behaviors to start. Using the Plant Wellness Maxpanda EAM strategy will change your enterprise asset management system for the better and the rest of your sub-processes into a world class solution. You will only use those methods and practices that bring the greatest production and maintenance successes by setting up and following your set preventive maintenance schedule and task library units.

Introducing Maxpanda CMMS to stop the maintenance rat race and bring world class reliability success into your company is done one operating asset at a time.

operating assetSuccessful change management needs a true belief that the change is truly worthwhile, and its achievement is certain. In a Plant Wellness Maxpanda EAM transition, you start with one equipment item and make it world class reliable within days not weeks. You change to Maxpanda asset management system and processes that impact just that item of plant. Once you get the first operating asset up to world class performance you do the same to another asset, and the rest. Staff will soon view your new process as a winning environment. Stop the paper notes, spreadsheet mentally today, seriously. That thought of saving money from using CMMS software is such an old school methodology that it creates environments of discourse.

Because you designed and proof-tested the Plant Wellness Way Maxpanda EAM system on individual items of plant until they were all world class reliable equipment, everyone knows that you have a highly successful solution on your hand, so what’s holding you back?

Once your people and senior management see how straight-forward, practical, and fast Plant Wellness Maxpanda EAM is, you’ll be able to ramp-up the speed and get the rest of your operation changed into a Plant Wellness Way EAM site super fast.

Your system and process should focus now from maintenance rat race to world class asset health and wellness.

Changing from rat race maintenance behavior to world class reliability one asset at a time is done by focusing the power of Plant Wellness Maxpanda EAM Asset Management methodology on all the systems and assets. Select and embed into each phase of the asset life cycle those actions and activities that maximize operating asset reliability will be easily Reported on in a week. Running 25 different system Reports in Maxpanda as well as scheduling the reports for viewing in various formats when you want and with data since you start with Maxpanda CMMS.

Because the Plant Wellness Maxpanda EAM methodology demands a life cycle perspective, it ensures you build a business-wide, life cycle long “asset wellness system” for your first chosen equipment. Having done all the hard work with establishing design engineering, supply chain, operating, po, maintenance strategy and practices for maximize reliability on the first asset, it’s much simpler to do that for the second asset. In fact with Maxpanda you can and should apply the method to all your assets if you have similar experience in CMMS.

Step by step, one asset after the other, you begin slowly to change your company. Soon you build a track record of great success through Plant Wellness Maxpanda EAM.

To learn how Plant Wellness Maxpanda EAM and how our CMMS can get you to your pinnacle of maintenance and operations – contact us or schedule a private webinar.

– Maxwell Davidson