Facilities Asset tagging using Maxpanda CMMS

multi cmms dashboards Maxpanda inventory maintenance software was designed with its users in mind. We deliver a solution that will make operating your asset tagging system effortless and effective. We know the importance of keeping track of your business assets. We also know how much nicer life is when the software you are using is straight-forward and tailored to your needs. When it comes to asset tagging, Maxpanda's inventory maintenance software means efficiency, ease, and effectiveness.

Reliable Inventory Maintenance Software

Our inventory management software helps your company by providing immediate information about inventory and assets. With a few simple clicks, you can see, for example, the cost of parts as well as the amount of parts required for a work order to be completed. We will also help you keep track of special order items, and location of parts and materials, as well as let you see which items are in-stock or not. You will be able to know where inventory has been moved, and have the history of each item at your fingertips. This also includes spares! Keep track of spare parts, warehouse or mobile counts, costs and usage for all jobs.

We offer comprehensive implementation and support service to ensure your account is set up to your specifications. Our purpose is to create simplicity for our clients when it comes to their CMMS. With that in mind, we make your transition to our software easy, too. Once you have our software in hand, transferring the data becomes a simple matter of cutting and pasting your current data into our pre-configured data sheets. Then, we upload your data directly into your new account - easy and precise!

Features of Maxpanda Inventory Management Software & Tracking System

Asset Management Software

Our reason for existing began with a desire to create better CMMS options for our clients. Instead of clunky, outdated software where frustration outweighs any benefit, we provide relief from complication, and a route to inventory management heaven.

Some of the inventory tracking features you can look forward to enjoying with Maxpanda CMMS are:

  • Maintenance inventory tracking - Your company can easily keep on top of maintenance inventory stock by having access to up-to-date stock information, spares location, item counts, values, and more.
  • Maintenance inventory reporting - Specific information about inventory, such as location, vendor, restock levels, and more, when you need it.
  • Inventory usage tracking - See what pieces of inventory are being used, for what, by whom, how often, where, and more, to help create a valuation of jobs and an easy-to-plan parts budget.
  • 24/7 Customer Support - We give our clients access to 24/7 live technical support so you never have to worry about keeping support issues only within a 9-5 time frame.

free preventive cmms Asset Management and History: Maxpanda Maintenance Management can track or record an asset’s data, including purchase date, expected lifetime, warranty, specifications, maintenance activities and service history. Other information that the software provides includes service contracts, service history, additions, modifications and spare parts. Such information is usually recorded in the asset’s history log. Labor Resource Management and Scheduling of Work: Maxpanda helps record maintenance personnel’s data, such as their skills, qualifications, job categories, work history and labor rates. Maxpanda CMMS modules aid in scheduling preventive maintenance including authenticating and tracking adjustments to the next due date and generating PM work orders.